Olé Khamchanla, Artistic Director of Compagnie KHAM

Who    :           Olé Khamchanla Artistic Director of Compagnie KHAM
What   :           Contemporary Dance in Hip-Hop Style Workshop
Where :           American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 49 Campus
                        Direction | |
When  :           Friday 2nd December 2016 | 9:40 – 11:00
How    :           Ticket Melon | |


Native of Laos, he discovered hip-hop dance in 1990 and formed with different dances (contemporary, hip hop, capoeira, butoh …). Gradually, he found his style, a way of dancing that allows him to assert himself on the dance scene.

Olé KHAMCHANLA develops his artistic work through contemporary choreographies mixing different dances as hip-hop, traditional dances of Southeast Asia, butoh, and not hesitating to experiment to interbreeding with other forms of expression such as theater, singing, painting and video.

Raw materials and a rich vocabulary both specific but universal, which allows him to question the human being, his origins, his inspirations, his career, his interactions with others and his own questions.

Olé KHAMCHANLA develops his work through the company KHAM mainly, but it is also sollicited by other artistic companies (dance, theater) as a choreographer and performer, particularly in Asia: Necessary Theater Stage in Singapore, Fanglao dance company in Laos. Through its collaborations, Olé KHAMCHANLA also recently had the opportunity to be invited to participate in international platforms professionals live shows (TPAM in Japan in 2016 and in Australia in 2015 IETM).