T.H.E Dance Company, Singapore

Who     :           T.H.E Dance Company Singapore
What    :           “As It Fades” Performance / Demonstration / Talk
Where :          Studio 4th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
                        Direction | https://goo.gl/maps/8FZhggkygPx |
When   :           Saturday 19th November 2016 | 19:30 hrs
                        Sunday 20th November 2016 | 14:30 hrs
How     :           Ticket Melon | Reservation Here |

As It Fades

“A milestone for contemporary dance in Singapore for its innovation, creativity and local resonance.”
Stephanie Burridge, CriticalDance UK, May 2014
“The choreography is minute yet expansive, pointed yet luscious and undeniably demanding.”
Germaine Cheng, The Straits Times, May 2014
“One of the Top Three Performances in Singapore 2011”
Selected by The Straits Times, December 2011

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