Prolific Visionary Production, Youth Dance Company, Japan


Compagnie KHAM, France

Who     :          Prolific Visionary Production, Youth Dance Company, Japan & Compagnie KHAM, France
What    :           Triple Bill Performance:
  • “Humanity Fading Over Time” by Prolific Visionary Production
  • “Focus” by Compagnie KHAM
  • “Spring of Innocence” by Prolific Visionary Production
When   :           Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th December 2016 | 14:30 hrs
Where :           Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
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Prolific Visionary Production, Youth Dance Company, Japan

Company & Performance

Anthony Hutchinson is the founder, choreographer and director of ‘PROLIFIC VISIONARY’. Founded in 2013 PVP is an inventive youth company challenging the realm of hip hop theatre. Merging contemporary and Street Dance styles, PVP presents innovative creations through choreography, visual conceptual short films & stage productions.

Opening Show

‘Humanity Fading Over Time’
Legend Tokyo chapter 5 – Travis Payne Award.
A post apocalyptic world where humanity has been infused with technology in order to suppress ones emotions. A fast & powerful piece of theatre following The last stand of mankind & those that rebuke the system.

Running Time: 7:30 mins

PVP presents to you ‘Spring of Innocence’
An interpretation through the eyes of creation.
Our consciousness implanted into a physical organism, generating a Perplexed feeling when birthed into this world. How do we comprehend seeing, hearing or feeling for the very first time? Looking at these crucial moments join us on this fragmented journey with intricately detailed yet subtle movement as we rediscover our senses.

Running Time: 12 mins 30 secs


Compagnie KHAM, France


Creation 2012 for 3 dancers (50 min)

On the stage, a laptop and a microphone to handle sound environments, few projectors on the floor or on a removable perch, all demonstrated.
The show plays on a scenic concept where the three dancers take themselves dancing, light, and sound.
The different influences of hip-hop dance, butoh, Indian dance, traditional dance, contemporary dance will highlight a singular aesthetic, also forged by the individual and his intellectual and sentimental choices.

Order: CDC Hivernales / Co CDC Hivernales ; Hip Hop Ways Festival ; The TARMAC Paris ; Esplanade -Theaters on the Bay (Singapore)
Supports: French Institute of Singapore; National Arts Council Singapore, Singapore International Foundation, Drac Rhône Alpes, Rhone Alpes Region and Department of Drôme