Park Na Hoon Dance Company, Korea

Who     :           Park Na Hoon Dance Company, Korea
What    :           “Three Airs” Performance / Demonstration / Talk
When   :           Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th November 2016 | 19:30 hrs
Where :           Studio 4th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
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Three Airs performed by Park Na Hoon Company, Korea
Performances on sat 26 and Sun 27 Nov. at 19.30 hrs
The story is about human lives. This extraordinary organisms that consist of air.
About your dance company
Parknahoon compnay was selected as a new and powerful company by Arts Council Korea in 2003 that gave an opportunity to study and train in overseas and selected as an young and distinguished company by critics in 2004 that granted company  the prize of the best choreographer. In 2007, Selected as a piece of work superiority Three airs in the 3rd performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS). Recently, the company performed in china, japan, Singapore. In 2009 the company was invited to perform in San Paulo, Brazil and Saint Petersburg , Russia in 2013. Parknahoon company was chosen for Korea–Finland Connection (2012), Korea-Denmark Connection(2015) and the international exchange project with Helsinki and in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company toured the production from exchange residency project in Europe and USA during 2014-2015. Now Parknahoon company works is extended beyond Asia to the world.
Park Na Hoon will conduct a contemporary dance technique workshop on Sat 26 at 15.30 hrs at Studio 4 th fl BACC. This class is basically requires awareness each part of body also it does start from research about each of body  and then we can design each of our body in the space. The workshop open to all public with and without experienced.
Supported by
Korean Arts Management Service ( KAMS)
Korean Cultural Center, Bangkok