Distance Learning

Production of quality documentary series, ‘Distance Learning’ (Thailand) ‘Education through Movement’ edutainment. Streaming / TV Program.

Chapter One

bighispr (1)

The history of dance and performing arts extracted from ‘Big History’ (in Thai language) a donation to the world by the ‘Bill and Malinda Foundation’ and sponsored by Microsoft. FOTAF have a proposal to translate ‘Big History’ into Thai language: this is currently in process: the FOTAF directors are scheduled to meet with.

Chapter Two


A travel log of unusual and exotic destinations within Thailand organized and sponsored by the ‘Tourist Authority of Thailand’ in collaboration with inbound travel agents. Carefully selected celebrity ‘international and overseas visiting artists’ are invited to volunteer to contribute to holding ‘open classes’ in their discipline at selected locations.

Chapter Three

wowfac (1)

Produce teaching tools for performing arts through interactive multimedia. For example: http://www.aikido3d.com/