Annual program

The ‘CONNECTING ASEAN, Performing Arts for All’, a 2013 initiative
organized by the Friends­ of­ the ­Arts Foundation. A ‘10 Day Program’ occurring three times / year annually


In today’s world all of us are bombarded with an overload of information
e.g. mobiles / advertising / computer games (these have undoubtedly contributed to the quality of life: notwithstanding, they are only tools and should not dictate our lives in a negative way.


‘Encourage the participants to experience the possibility of their own creativity, creating self-confidence and open doors to unlimited possibilities through movement, performing arts and technology in a 10 days workshop’.


‘Connecting ASEAN +’ grants the 450 students from the 10 ASEAN
countries + + per year the opportunity to be a part of this creative
program. Age between 13 – ­22 years old.

The friends­of­the­Arts foundation is currently creating a course specially
designed for adults based on the same fundamental principles.


To be announced 2016/2017 Schedule.


Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre or any suitable venue.

Direction Here


We believe that education is a lifelong pursuit and we also recognize multimedia and online learning (with mentor’s guidance) as the educational direction for the future.

Potential Partners

BACC, Unesco, Intel ,True Visions , SF Cinema , Dtac , Now 26
channel, Nations , NJ magazine


The program focuses on three topics :

1. Creative / Thinking / Knowledge
Introduction to: mind mapping / the art of juggling / six thinking hats / multimedia learning (with a guide/mentor).

2. Education through Movement
Introduction to: Dance & movement / Martial arts/ Arts of speaking and listening.

3. Mindfulness/ Happiness
Introduction to: relaxation techniques quieting the mind setting realistic goals as to what you really want from life!

Perception through the six senses: We’ve obviously got smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight. However, in addition to these five, our inner ear senses our body’s orientation in space.

Program: Thinking

consists of ‘workshops’ that are specially designed to build confidence and creative thinking for participants through various types of performing arts and dance such as folk dances from ASEAN Countries / Khon (Thai Mask Dance) / ASEAN Martial Arts / the ‘Art of Thinking’ / ‘Public Speaking’ / ‘Hip-hop’ / ‘Jazz’ / ‘Contemporary’ / ‘Ballet’ and many more!
The goal is to create cultural interchange between ASEAN countries by encouraging students to network and collaborate – sharing their culture, history, ideas and experiences through the medium of the performing arts and dance.
Once in a lifetime opportunity, to learn and experience ‘Performing Arts and Dance’ from qualified and professional experienced teachers.

Exposures through various P.R. Channels

Press conference 1 month prior the event.
P.R. in all magazines / newspaper/ TV / Radio stations.
Upload final presentation to YouTube, linked to FOTAF website, shared through social media.
Announce in cultural partners ie: Unesco / Embassy / educational institutes.
Your logo will be on collateral materials : poster, leaflet, program.
Your logo will be on Photo Backdrop, banner, Standee
Facebook Page for the Connecting ASEAN to showcase the clips from Idea Challenge and other performances.

Work with media partners to optimize exposure with emphasis of
Education through Movement, Edutainment.


The ‘course program’ is diverse, unique, educational experience, engaging ‘participating student’ in an exciting, fun, learning environment: introducing the students to different types of activities through the medium of dance and movement.

Build confidence, self-esteem in a fun, engaging environment sharing creative ideas and thoughts.

Opportunity to give back to Society by

Hosting or present ‘Connecting ASEAN + +’ for 150 scholarships.

Co­-presenter by supporting 75 scholarships.

Supporting 35 scholarships.

Or any number of scholarship at 30,000 baht per one student.

For further information contact
Friends of the Arts Foundation

Email [email protected]

Tel. 085 100 3050

Potential Partners :

BACC, UNESCO, Intel ,True Visions , SF Cinema , dtac , Now 26 channel, Nations , NJ magazine